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After court is over

The family court process can be long and difficult. By the time it is over, you may be exhausted. You will likely also be sick and tired of dealing with your ex-partner.

Unfortunately, your ex-partner may not yet be ready to give up his power and control over you, so you can’t completely let your guard down once court is over. You may need to put some plans in place to help you and your children respond to your ex-partner’s harassment, set boundaries and eventually regain control of your lives.

Every woman’s plans for doing this will be different and dependent on her own situation.

If you don’t have children, for instance, it may be somewhat easier for you to limit your contact and communication with your ex-partner.

If you have children, your plans will depend on whether you still both live in the same community, the ages of your children, whether one of you still lives in the family home, whether you are dependent on him for financial support, what the details of your arrangements for the children are, and so on.