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Gathering evidence checklist



If your ex-partner uses technology a lot to monitor and harass you, use the Identifying Technology Abuse chart to document this evidence. Review our Do’s and Don’ts of Collecting Electronic Evidence.

  • Facebook postings
  • Other social media
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Telephone messages


  • Record of 911 call(s)
  • Police incident report(s)

Criminal court

  • Criminal charge sheet(s)
  • Crown disclosure package
  • Bail conditions
  • Reasons for judgment or sentence or comments made by judge verifying abuse
  • Terms of probation
  • Peace bond
  • Evidence of previous charges or convictions
  • Transcripts of any 911 calls you or your children made


  • Family doctor notes and files
  • Hospital emergency room reports
  • Sexual assault/domestic violence care centre records


Letters or evidence attached to an affidavit from:

  • Neighbours
  • Religious leader
  • Therapist or counsellor


  • Children’s teacher(s), school
  • Children’s daycare worker or babysitter
  • Children’s coach(es), instructors, etc.
  • CAS records or contracts or confirmation that file was not opened or has been closed
  • Transcripts of interviews with children
  • Children’s doctors, dentist


  • Internal-incident reports
  • Co-workers
  • Supervisor
  • No trespassing letter
  • Security recordings


Evidence or letters from previous or subsequent partners of your abusive ex-partner

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