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Steps in the process

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This page sets out the steps in a family law case.

Each step requires different documents/forms, which are also noted.

Documents must be filed on time unless you have the other party’s consent or the court’s permission to file late. Seek legal advice if you are unable to file your documents on time.

These forms are not listed below but are important:

  • Form 14 C – Confirmation of Motion must be delivered to the opposing party and filed at the filing counter 3 days before a motion date.
  • Form 17F – Confirmation of Conference must be filed 3 days before conference date.
  • 6B Affidavit of Service must be filed each time documents are served. Service of court documents must comply with the Family Law Rules.
  • See Rule 3 for Counting Days and Rule 6 for Service of Documents.


To be served personally by an adult who is not the Applicant

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Within 30 days after being serviced with the Application

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10 days after being served with the Answer, the Applicant may file a Form 10A
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First court date

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Case Conference

(multiple Case Conferences are possible; learn about conferences)

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Settlement Conference

(multiple Settlement Conferences are possible; learn about conferences)

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Trial Scheduling Conference

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Trial Management Conference (TMC)

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Exit Pre-Trial Conference

This is the final opportunity to resolve issues before beginning trial. Either party may request a date for Exit Pre-Trial at TMC

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A trial may not be adjourned without a judge’s order, which can only be granted by attending personally, and only in compelling and unforeseen circumstances, such as illness.

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