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Checklist: Being safe at court

ontario specific
legal information

I have a women’s legal advocate. That person is:


I have a support person who is coming to court with me. That person is:


I have visited the courthouse and know where to go on my court date.

I know how to find:
The duty counsel office
Court security
The washrooms
The courtroom I have to be in

I have contacted court security and given them relevant information, including:
My ex-partner’s name
The restraining order against him
A copy of his bail conditions
A photograph of him

This is what the court security officer has said they can do to help me stay safe:



I know what to do if/when I see my ex-partner:
Ask court security for assistance
Move away from where he is sitting
Ask him to move away from where I am sitting
Go into the washroom
Ask my support person to intervene


I have made arrangements to get to and from court as safely as possible. I am going to:
Take a cab.
Use public transit with a friend.
Bring my car and travel with a friend.
Park in a safe place.
Have a friend walk me from my parking spot or the transit stop to the courthouse.
Have a friend meet me at the courthouse.
Bring a cell phone so I can call if there are any problems.
Get to court early.
Ask court security to help me leave safely.

All my documents are organized and ready for me to take to court.

I have reviewed all the court documents.

I have booked time off work.

I have arranged for child care.

I have some snacks and drinks ready to take to court.

I have comfortable clothes ready.

I have plans for the evening after court so I can relax and feel safe. My plans are:



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