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My legal safety plan

ontario specific
legal information

I have applied for:

A restraining order
Exclusive possession of the matrimonial home
A peace bond

Stage of the proceeding:



I have a court order:

I have provided my children’s school and/or daycare centre with a copy of
relevant court orders such as a restraining order and/or parenting order.

I have provided others with a copy of the relevant court order, such as my
workplace security, landlord or home security.

My ex-partner has been released on bail. These are his conditions:


Plan for safety:

I have a safe plan for telling my ex-partner that I have started a family court case. That plan is:



I have a safe plan for serving court documents on my ex-partner (e.g., your lawyer advises you when documents will be served, ensuring children are not with your ex-partner, or consider hiring a process server). That plan is:



I have made several copies of my safety plan. I carry one with me, have one in a safe place that I can get to if I need it, and I have given one to a trusted friend or family member.

I have a calendar where I write down all contacts with my ex-partner.

I have someone else at the house when my ex-partner picks up and returns the children.

I have a system for managing my ex-partner’s email and other contacts with me. It is to:



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