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Contact the women’s shelter in your community for support, information and to learn about the shelter’s services. You can also call to make arrangements for beds for you and your children.

If you plan to move into your own place right away, find something appropriate, sign a lease and get the key before your planned departure date.
Begin acquiring and moving household items and furniture into your new apartment/house.
Use your new accommodation as a safe place to store documents and other items in this list.

Supportive housing
Contact your local shelter if you need subsidized or other supportive housing. (If you live in Ontario, ask for a Transitional Housing and Support Worker.) Make an application and get on the waiting list as early as possible. In most communities, you need to apply for housing within three months of leaving your relationship in order to get on the priority list. Ask your counsellor to provide you with a proof of cohabitation letter to support your application.
Ask family or friends if you can stay with them while you sort out your next steps.

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