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When you leave

If possible, leave when your partner is not at home and, ideally, when he won’t be home for several hours.

Leave a note/letter for him or text/email him as soon as you have left to let him know that the children are with you, that you are all fine and that you will be in touch with him within a day or two to talk about arrangements for him to see the kids. If you already have a lawyer, let your partner know that he can communicate with you through your lawyer. Give him the lawyer’s contact information.

Take along a recent photograph of your partner and of his car (showing the licence plate number). Make sure the photograph is in focus.

Call the non-emergency police number, tell them who you are and that you have left your partner, taking the children with you, because of his abuse. This will make it harder for your partner to file a missing person’s report and will still maintain your privacy.