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Protecting your address

mailboxIf you leave your partner, there are a number of things you can do to keep your address private:

  • Use a post office box or a friend’s address for mail.
  • Use an alternative address for service of court documents.
  • Do banking online.
  • Use a post office box or alternate address when applying for credit.
  • Separate your credit files with the credit bureau.
  • If you are receiving social assistance or are involved with child protection authorities, tell your caseworker about the need to protect your address.
    • If you think your ex-partner is also on assistance, tell the worker so together you can develop a safety plan for visits to the office.
  • Tell your lawyer not to disclose your address on court documents.
  • If you have a job, tell your employer about the importance of not revealing your address to anyone, including co-workers.
  • Tell family and friends who visit your home to make sure they are not followed.
  • Talk to your children and stress the importance of not giving the new address to their father or their father’s family.
  • If the children’s visits are supervised, advise the person doing the supervision to be alert to the father questioning the children about their address.
  • If you and your ex are exchanging the children yourselves, find a safe, public drop-off and pick-up location, ideally one where there are people around.
  • Make it part of the children’s safety plan not to reveal their address.