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My safety plan

Your individualized safety plan should be designed to reduce the risks of further abuse for you and your children.

Take some time to think of the protective measures you can put in place in the following areas of your life:


  • Be aware of your surroundings, car/transportation, workplace safety, etc.


  • Boundaries, self-care, attend counselling, connect with friends and family, online safety, etc.


  • Consider medical testing, set boundaries, attend counselling, etc.


  • Visit doctor, self-care, exercise, healthy eating, limit substance use, etc.


  • Set a budget, organize bank accounts, seek advice, change passwords, etc.


  • Explore your sense of purpose, seek counselling, etc.


  • Protect your address, plan escape routes, etc.


  • Learn about legal rights and options to protect self and children, etc.

We have designed this information into a worksheet.

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