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Do I need a lawyer?

Immigration law is complicated, so if possible, find a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. Ideally, your family and immigration law lawyers will be familiar with both areas, so they can watch for the implications of what happens in one area on the other.

Many abusers use immigration issues as a way to maintain power and control over their partner. You should find out what your immigration status in Canada is as soon as possible.

Do not rely on your partner to tell you the truth. He may try to get you to stay with him by threatening to have you deported if you leave, but if you already have permanent status in Canada, you will not be deported for leaving him. Or he may tell you that you have permanent status when you do not.

If you are in Canada on the basis of a refugee claim made by your partner, then you may need to start your own claim to remain in Canada.

If you are a Canadian and you have sponsored your partner to come to Canada, you need to clarify your legal and financial obligations under your sponsorship if you leave him.

You need to have your own immigration lawyer, so you can be confident that you are getting truthful answers to your questions.