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Updates to privacy policy, terms and conditions

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laptopJuly 2018

We have updated the terms and conditions for using this website.

These are the areas where we have made changes:

  • We have tried to make the language as clear as possible about your rights and responsibilities as you visit our sites.
  • Because your privacy is very important to us, we have moved this information to the beginning of our terms.
    • We explain what information our websites collect and why.
    • We provide more details about what we do with the information we collect and what we will not do with it.
  • We are more explicit about our copyright. Please ask for our permission before reproducing our material.
  • Because we do not collect names or contact information of the users of this website, notifications about future updates will be posted to this blog.

Please read our updated website privacy policy, terms and conditions. If you find anything confusing or unclear or you have questions, please contact us at