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What is legal bullying?

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A common post-separation abuse tactic is legal bullying. Using the legal system is one of the few remaining ways your ex-partner can attempt to control and harass you.

Legal bullying strategies include things like:

  • “conflicting out” all the lawyers in your community
  • representing himself when he could afford a lawyer, just so he can have more contact with you
  • lying in his documents
  • delay tactics, like failing to report income
  • wasting your lawyer’s time
  • allegations and other forms of harassment of you and court officials

See our list of legal bullying tactics.

Many of these tactics drag out your family law case and result in higher lawyer fees.

We’ve created a tip sheet on ways for women to manage a legal bully. Share it with your legal advocate and your lawyer. Your lawyer could also take our accredited course for lawyers for legal strategies.