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Where do I find evidence of abuse I was subjected to? This webinar will help

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As we say in our section on Evidence, it’s really important to provide true and detailed information that tells the court your story. If you lived with an abusive partner, you need to provide evidence of abuse in your family law case so the court understands your requests for things like a restraining order or supervised exchanges of the children.

The outcome of your case will depend a great deal on the evidence you provide. This is true in every family court case, but it is especially in cases involving abuse, because the impact of abuse is still misunderstood by many in the family law system.

Finding evidence of abuse

Evidence about the abuse you were subjected to can be challenging to find. Often, there are few witnesses and maybe you didn’t report the abuse to anyone.

This webinar provides practical suggestions for how you can collect evidence as well as tips for frontline workers who are assisting women with this task.

We created this webinar in partnership with CLEO.