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Checklist: Forms of Abuse (2/4)

Economic Abuse

Makes you account for all the money spent/controls the money

Keeps you short of money

Makes you ask for basic necessities/money

Undermines your attempts to improve your education

Undermines your attempts to get or keep a job

Makes you give all your earnings to him

Chooses not to work, when he is capable of obtaining a job, and makes you be the sole earner

Male Privilege/ Patriarchy

Demands obedience like you’re a servant

Makes major decisions without your input

Treats you like you’re inferior

Tells you that you can’t cope without him

Coerces you into marriage through threats and force

Immigrant/Cultural Abuse

Threatens to cancel sponsorship/have you deported

Lies about your current status

Provides false information about immigration laws/process

Uses religion and cultural practices to threaten or isolate you from accessing supports

Undermines you because of your race, religion or country of origin

Makes false allegations to immigration officials

Threatens/tries to remove children from Canada

Makes threats about penalties in country of origin

Uses or glorifies patriarchal cultural practices

Refuses to acknowledge divorce through religion

Sexual Abuse

Pressures you to have sex

Makes you feel guilty if you don’t have sex

Forces sex against your will

Pressures you to have sex after being abusive

Pressures/forces you into unwanted sex acts

Treats you like a sexual object

Threatens to share or does share pictures of you on the Internet

Inflicts unwanted pain on you during sex

Pressures you to engage sexually with a third party

Uses sex and intimacy to control you

Forces sex as a condition to keep children safe/allow you to see them/return them to you

Exposes children to pornography

Sexually abuses the children

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