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Checklist: Forms of abuse (3/4)

Physical Abuse

Throws things at you

Pushes, grabs or shoves you

Pulls your hair/twists your arm

Pins you to wall, floor or bed

Chokes you

Kicks, hits or punches you

Threatens you with a knife, gun or other weapon

Tries to run you down with a car

Physically abuses the children

Hurts or kills pets

Forces you to terminate pregnancy

Causes physical harm while you are pregnant

Emotional Abuse

Insults you in front of others

Puts down your physical appearance

Treats you as though you are stupid

Criticizes your care of children/home

Calls you names and swears at you

Calls you crazy/irrational

Accuses you of having an affair

Ridicules family or friends

Goes through personal things, i.e., purse, drawers, pockets, phone or computer

Sends harassing messages through social media sites or via text messages

Abuses drugs or alcohol

Heterosexist/Transphobic abuse

Exploits societal homophobia

Exploits internalized anxieties about your sexual orientation to control you

Threatens to “out” you and reveal your sexual orientation to family, friends, neighbours and employers

Uses offensive pronouns

Denies you access to medical treatment or hormones or coerces you to pursue medical treatment

Tells you that you are not a real “woman”

Uses looks, actions, gestures to reinforce homophobic, biphobic or transphobic control

Makes you feel bad about yourself

Says no one will believe you, especially if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans

Says women can’t abuse women or men can’t abuse men and therefore it is just “fighting” and not abuse

Threatens to tell your ex-spouse or authorities that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans so they will take the children

Controls/defines each partner’s role or duties in the relationship

Uses privilege or ability to “pass” to discredit you, put you in danger, cut off your access to resources or use the system against you

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