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Checklist: Forms of abuse


Isolates you from others

Tells you that you cannot do something

Is jealous about who you see

Monitors your time, makes you account for where you were

Does not allow you to leave the house

Restricts your use of the car

Alienates you from family/friends

Keeps you from getting medical care/counselling

Tries/threatens to turn children/people against you

Deprives you of sleep

Anger and Intimidation

Changes his mood suddenly

Gives silent treatment

Shouts or yells

Pounds fists on table

Throws or kicks something

Stomps out of the house

Slams doors

Says that he has “nothing to lose”

Has criminal background/current activity

Has third parties monitor/harass you

Psychological Abuse

Blames you for his problems

Blames you for miscarriages/ termination of pregnancy

Drives cars in a frightening way

Threatens to:

Leave the relationship

See someone else

Take children away from you

Come after you if you leave

Have you committed to an institution

Hurt or kill you

Hurt or kill the children

Hurt or kill himself

Have someone else kill you, your family, friends, etc.

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