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More tips: Managing a legal bully (#4)

clipboard4. Keep records of the legal bullying

Keep detailed records and notes about your case as well as your ex-partner’s behaviour and actions. These should include:

  • Court dates and their purpose.
  • All your documents. This means everything you and your ex-partner file with the court, correspondence with your lawyer, reports that are prepared for court, court orders and, if you and/or your ex-partner are unrepresented, any correspondence between the two of you.
  • The notes you take while you are at court.
  • Details about any contact between you and your ex-partner, including printouts of emails, records of text messages, and copies of letters and notes about any verbal exchanges you have.
  • Information about contact between your ex-partner and the children.
  • Details about any instances when you have not followed the terms of a court order or agreement, including all reasons you did (or didn’t).
  • A list of any of your ex-partner’s breaches of orders or agreements.

Keep these records in a secure location, where your children won’t find them. If you keep your notes on a computer, be sure your files are password protected and change your password regularly. Back up your files as well.

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